Instagram Poll Results: Best Pizza Puerto Rico | 2022 |

Instagram Poll Results:  Best Pizza Puerto Rico | 2022 |

Best Pizza Puerto Rico

Who doesn’t love pizza?  When we set out to find the best pizza Puerto Rico, we got back over 400 responses on our post with people shouting out their favorite restaurants.  We found that it is impossible not to love pizza.  In addition, that pizza lovers had more than one place where they love to eat pizza.

Personally, we have around four places where we love to get our favorite pies.  The pizza in Puerto Rico is influences by many international styles and techniques. In addition, combined with the fresh farm-to-table ingredients from the Puerto Rican farmland, you get a fan base that grows by the day.

❗❗❗ Please also note that due to the COVID-19 situation, most of these restaurants are only offering pickup and delivery.  Additionally, some are not open at all, so make sure to visit their social pages for more information.  In a recent post that we did, we reviewed all of the delivery apps where you can find these restaurant’s menus.  Also, we are updating our Instagram page with restaurant communications, and daily menu specials. ❗❗❗

The following are the restaurants that were mentioned the most on our post best Pizza Puerto Rico.  We have divided them into areas of PR.  We plan to do a pizza tasting tour to visit these places.  (Right after our tasting tour of sushi from our Best Sushi in Puerto Rico post).

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What is your Favorite Pizza spot in Puerto Rico?

Poll Results: Best Pizza Puerto Rico



If you want real Italian pizzeria, then you need a real Italian chef making your pies.  And his name has to be Luigi.  Considered one of the best pizza restaurants in Puerto Rico, Pimentón is the closest that you will get to an authentic Italian style pizza in Puerto Rico.  The most interesting part is that this restaurant is in a gas station.  But do not let that fool you, because Chef Luigi’s passion for the perfect pizza is evident in their creative menu.  Do not expect a perfectly round pizza when you order from Pimentón , their pies are done from scratch and to the point of perfection, where circumference is not a factor.  Pimentón is local favorite for a reason.  And they also take their show on the road with their portable pizza oven on wheels. 

Oh, did we mention that they take as much pride in their craft beer as their pizza? 

If you want real Italian pizza, then you need a real Italian chef making your pies.  And his name has to be Luigi.  Considered one of the best pizza restaurants in Puerto Rico, Pimentón is the closest that you will get to an authentic Italian style pizza in Puerto Rico.  The most interesting part is

Pimenton Pizzza

that this restaurant is in a gas station.  But do not let that fool you, because Chef Luigi’s passion for the perfect pizza is evident in their creative menu.  Do not expect a perfectly round pizza when you order from Pimentón , their pies are done from scratch and to the point of perfection, where circumference is not a factor.  Pimentón is local favorite for a reason.  And they also take their show on the road with their potable pizza oven on wheels.  Oh, did we mention that they take as much pride in their craft beer as their pizza? 

Visit Pimentón in Carolina to get blown away by their delicious pies, and authentic Italian menu.



East Coast

Revolution Pizza  

Known for its traditional fried street food and fresh seafood, Luquillo is the last place where you would image eating one of Puerto Rico’s best pies.  The first time that I went to revolution Pizza, it was a random accident because we were bar hopping all day, and wanted craft beer for a change.  We

Revolution Pizza

honestly did not even know it was a pizza restaurant until we started to see pizzas come out of the kitchen.  It was one of those moments where you are not sure if you are hungry, but you can make room for some delicious pizza.  We were not disappointed.  I was blown away by how delicious the pies were, and the variety of creative options they had.  Ever since, I have considered Revolution Pizza one of the best on the island.   In addition, according to our poll, we are not the only ones.

JUNE TEE 970 X 200

Rustica Pizza 

Rustica Pizza is located in the town of Fajardo, and they are a fan favorite restaurant on the east coast of Puerto Rico.  They take pride in their great service, and fresh and local farm to table ingredients that makes up their delicious pizza and appetizer menu.  When you walk in to Rustica Pizza, you understand the reason behind the name. 


The decoration is of an old rustic colonial building occupied in the early 1900’s.  The walls inside of the restaurants have very little paint and tell a story of the history of this location.  The tables and seating were picked perfectly to provide the correct vibe of the location.  If you love NY style pizza, Rutsica is one of the best restaurants on east coast of Puerto Rico to eat a Brooklyn style pie.

Southern Coast

El Campo es Leña 

On a remote mountain in the southern coast of Puerto Rico, you will find some of the best firewood pizza you will ever taste.  This is what I was told, and it was enough for the adventure.  It took me three attempts to find El Camp es Leña.  The first two tries, Google maps, and Apple Maps got us completely lost, and we gave up.  On the third attempt though,

Campo es lena

we finally were able to taste the hype of one of the best pizzas in Puerto Rico.  El Campo Es Leña (The countryside is made of firewood), started as a small restaurant on top of a house that had three parking spots.  The restaurant has a beautiful view of the countryside, and the pizza is simply delicious.  In addition, you need to try the natural fruit juice cocktails. 

As word got around, (they have over 100k likes on their Facebook Account) more people began to visit the restaurant, and now they have expanded the restaurant to a larger seating area.  They still only have three parking

Campo es lena

spots, so cars park along the side of the road now. They only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and we highly suggest you get there early.  It can be intimidating the amount of people that wait in line for a pizza, but they are quick to serve.  If you are up for the adventure or in the area, we highly suggest you visit El Campo es Leña in Adjuntas.  The pies are well worth the trip.

Pizza Spot 

When we did our poll, one of the restaurants that we mentioned the most for the southern region of Puerto Rico was Pizza Spot in Cayey.  They have been a favorite in this area since 2011.  Pizza Spot started as a pizza food

Pizza Spot

truck, but now they have opened a small location in Cayey, which keeps the outdoor environment alive.  They have a small indoor restaurant area, but they have truly made use of their patio space by creating a wooden outdoor deck, and a seating area covered by tents.  Pizza Spot takes pride in having fresh ingredients, and welcoming a family atmosphere with an outdoor experience.  One of the highlights of Pizza Spot, is that you can choose from a variety of ingredients to make your own pizza.

We spoke with Pizza Spot to get a little more information on what makes them a fan favorite:

Which is the pizza your customers love the most?

“Our customers love the Chicken Western pizza”

chicken western

Which pizza do the employees at Pizza Spot love the most?

“We love La Jibarita.  It is a mix of Italian and Boricua”

la jibara

How would you describe Pizza Spot?

” Pizza spot is a place where pizza lovers can come with their families, and enjoy their delicious pizza in an open-air environment.”

JUNE TEE 970 X 200

Campioni Pizza

If you are from Ponce, or have visited the Ponce town center, then you most likely have eaten at Campioni Pizza.  Campioni Pizza is located two blocks away from the historic Parque de Bombas landmark in the town.  We have been to Campioni various times, and in a couple of occasions, it has


been to visit Ponce for Campioni specifically.  The restaurant is inside of a Spanish colonial building, and walking in you can feel the history.  They also have a rustic outdoor patio seating area, which illuminates at night with patio lights.  Cooked in a firewood overn, their pizzas some of the best pizza in Puerto Rico.   They also offer a variety of wine and delicious cocktails.  If you are ever visiting Ponce, make sure to visit Campioni Pizza.  You will make it a habit to stop by when you are in the area.

West Coast

La Jibarita Mayaguez 

One of the unique restaurants in Puerto Rico is La Jibarita in Mayaguez.  Located in the old Spanish colonial town of Mayaguez, La Jibarita occupies a roofless, empty building from the early 1900’s.  The combination of history and modern rustic décor is one of the reasons that La Jibarita is so special.

La Jibarita

In addition, let us not forget to mention that they also have some of the most delicious brick oven pizzas on the island.   You can easily underestimate the outside appearance of La Jibarita.  When you walk in to the indoor patio with umbrellas, you will be amazed, on their use of space.  They managed to create a second floor wooden deck, and at night, it is a beautiful sight with the patio lights.  If you are in Mayaguez, La Jibarita is a must-go for pizza, brunch, craft beers, and a good time.

We asked La Jibarita a few questions to get to know them a little better:

What is the customer favorite pie?

“Our customer love the La Jibarita Pizza.  This pie has ground beef, purple onions, and yellow plantains”

La jibarita pizza

Which is the employee favorite?

“Our employees love the La Guaynabita pizza.  This pie has fresh mozzarella, basil, juicy cherry tomatoes with a balsamic reduction on top”

la Guaynabita

How would you describe La Jibarita?

” Our location is unique.  It is a very cozy and beautiful location constructed in brick in the early 1900’s.  A great place for lunch, brunch, or a night out.”

Magdalenes Wood Fired Oven

In the Aguadilla, there are many pizzerias.   However, it is of no surprise to locals, that none was mentioned as much as Magdalenes Pizza.  Magdalenes is a simple location with the wood-fired oven as the


centerpiece.  Tucked off Route 110 in Aguadilla, Magdalenes is an outdoor wooden restaurant with a family style atmosphere.  Locals love this place so much because of their creative artisan pies made from fresh local farms, and their gluten free, and vegan options.  They also have the option to create your own pizza from a variety of fresh veggies, meats, and homemade sauces.  If you are in Aguadilla or Isabella, make sure to pass by Magdalenes Pizza to get great service, and some of the best pizza in Puerto Rico.

Mi Familias Pizza

Located in Rincon on the famous 413 road, Mi Familias Pizza is a perfect place to feed your pizza craving.  Mi Familias uses fresh local ingredients to make their delicious sauces for their gourmet pizzas.  Their pizzas have

mi familia

been a local favorite for years because of their brick oven cooked pies, and fun atmosphere.  They also have a variety of craft beer, and the bartender serves delicious cocktails made from fresh local fruits.  If you are in the mood to grab a good pizza and have some drinks while you watch the game on Sundays, Mi Familias is the perfect spot.  If there is any kind of sports playing, you can assure that Mi Familia will have a happy hour, and a crowd enjoying their drinks and pizzas.

San Juan

El Conde Pizza

If you ask a local in the San Juan area where to find the best pizza, El Conde will most likely be mentioned in the top five.  El Conde is one of the few Argentinian Pizza restaurants in Puerto Rico.  They have been a local

El Conde

favorite for years, because of their delicious ingredients, and friendly owners who run the business.  With very little social media presence, it is more of a word of mouth type of restaurant.  Their original and previous location until recently was on a rooftop adorned with patio lights and plastic chairs, and the restaurant would only seat around 20-30 people. With their new location in the AM:PM in Isla Verde, el Conde found a home which serves more customers, and offers takeout.    If you are in the mood for delicious pizza in Isla Verde, make sure to visit El Conde, you will not be disappointed.

Loiza 2050

Established in 1986, Loiza 2050 is a third generation family owned pizza restaurant that serves the best healthy pizza you will find in Puerto Rico.  And yes there is such a thing as healthy pizza.  They specialize in ultra-thincrust made from coconut, pumpkin, whole wheat, or regular.  They also have vegan and gluten free, and keto options.  If you are a pizza lover as we are, you will love their creative menu options. 

We gave the owner Thelma Cabrera a couple of questions, so that we can give you a better feel of Loiza 2050:

Which is the customer favorite pizza on your menu?

There is actually 3 customer favorites:

“Tomato and Almond”

“Beef with 5 cheese”

“Salmon and Brie”

Salmon Brie

Which pies do you guys love the most?

“Baba Ganoush and Feta”

“Tomato with almonds”

Tomato Almonds

“Pork and Chicken”

Pirilo Pizza

The first time that I went to Pirilo in old San Juan, it was because of their delicious homemade sangria (I’m starting to see a pattern here).  It soon became one of my favorite pizza restaurants in San Juan.  They take pride in their fresh ingredients, and authentic Italian dishes.  Pirilo has influences


from Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.  Because of this, their menu is full of delicious options that has expanded their fan base all over the island.  They have opened restaurants in Ocean Park, and Dorado, facilitating the accessibility to their customers.  Our favorite pie there is the Pizza Rosada.  This pizza is made from pink Vodka sauce, and topped with mozzarella, spinach, arugula, and shredded peppercorn Romano.

We asked Pirilo Pizza a few questions regarding their restaurant:

Which is the pizza your customers love the most?

The favorite pizza at Pirilos has to be the Pecado.  This pizza has all of the meats that we offer: churrasco, bacon, ham, argentinian chorizo, y and 7 types of cheese (mozzarella, manchego, provolone, cheddar, muenster, swizz, and ricotta.


Customers also love our Margharita pizza which has marinera sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, bufala cheese, and pesto.

Which is the pizza you guys love the most?

It has to be the Pampa.  This pizza has marinera sauce, mozzarella cheese, argentinian chorizo, churrasco, and a touch of chimichurri.


How would you describe Pirilos?

“Pirilos pizza is a restaurant full of tradition that is visible in each location.  We love to provide a family atmosphere, and serve the best pizza with the best ingredients.  Each restaurant tells of tale of Pirilo and his family”

Puttanesca Trattoria 

Last but definitely not least, whenever you want, good New York style pizza in the San Juan area, there is no doubt that Puttanesca is your first option.  Puttanesca has been a staple in Santurce for locals and tourists because of their delicious and gracious pies, and their calzones.  The decoration in Puttanesca is an homage to New York.  Adorned with pictures of old


gangster movies, and famous celebrities from New York and a red brick backdrop, you really are transported out of Puerto Rico and into the big apple.  If you love meat lover’s pizza like us, you have to try Puttanesca’s take with pepperoni, Italian sausage, chorizo, ham, bacon, Canadian bacon, and chicken.  This pie will make a believer, and recurring customer.  Puttanesca, has grown from their original location in Santurce.  Now you can find them in various towns, and even a food truck!

So there you have it.  These are the best Pizza Restaurants in Puerto Rico, voted on by you: The Pizza Lovers.  We hope that we were able to open our tastebuds to new places, and make sure to always always EAT LOCAL.

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